About the conference

Despite the dominance of Coal, Indonesia is committed to increasing the share of renewable energy power. However, challenges are aplenty in context to regional and local stakeholders, different fuel interest groups, financing, and convincing investors on ROI. 

How then will the regulations be implemented, and what will the impact be? What are industry players and investors thinking? What investments are we likely to see and in what sectors? Indonesia’s top event with a proven track record of participation from policy makers and investors, will once again provide regulatory clarity, investment scenarios and business opportunity evaluation.

New in 2017

  • Focus on Coal, LNG and Renewables
  • The roadmap to 540 megawatts from renewables
  • PLN perspectives on projects, pricing and offtaker status
  • Government position on transparency on electricity supply costs and tariffs
  • Outlook for Coal and LNG Power
  • Ensuring bankable Power Purchase Agreements
  • Project development case studies


Who Should Attend